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Open Access: HEFCE Policy

This guide is intended to provide advice on open access to researchers

Open Access for REF Eligibility Begins

Open Access is now a requirement for REF eligibility and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Enterprise and Postgraduate Affairs has emailed all academic and research staff to encourage them to publish Open Access. Staff who have a journal article or conference proceeding (with an ISSN) accepted for publication from 1 April 2016 onwards, must deposit the accepted manuscript in Pure within three months of publication to comply with HEFCE's policy.

HEFCE's Open Access Policy

For papers accepted from 1st April 2016 HEFCE's Open Access Policy for the next REF requires you to: 

  • Deposit the accepted manuscript version of all journal articles and conference papers (with an ISSN) in a subject or institutional repository within 3 months of publication

  • Papers must be open access as soon as possible after publication and must not exceed the embargo limits (12 months REF Main Panel A & B; 24 months REF Main Panel C & D)

How to Comply with HEFCE's Open Access Policy for the REF - Online Guide

HEFCE Requirements for Post-2014 REF Compliance

Deposit Publications in Pure

Depositing your documents in Pure is easy! 

Download or print the deposit guide for step by step help. 

For Pure help and training contact or visit the Pure support pages for more information.

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