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Citing, referencing and reference management: RefWorks

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is Queen's University's standard reference management software for students, staff and alumni. It lets you:

  • build a personal database of references imported from catalogues, on-line databases and other sources
  • organise references into folders
  • cite references when writing a paper
  • automatically format your paper and bibliography

Which version of RefWorks is right for me?

A new version of RefWorks (known as 'ProQuest RefWorks') has recently been launched, but some of its features are still under development. The existing RefWorks (now referred to as 'Legacy RefWorks') continues to run alongside the new version for the time being.

You can already use the new ProQuest RefWorks, if you'd like to take advantage of its new features (> Find out more). Please be aware that the new version has a number of bugs. If you feel that it doesn't work well for you, please consider signing up to old 'Legacy RefWorks' instead or use one of the many available alternative products.

Already using RefWorks with your documents? It is currently not possible to change Word documents over to new ProQuest RefWorks, if you have already inserted references from Legacy RefWorks. Therefore, we advise existing RefWorks users - especially those who have started writing a thesis or extended work - to continue with Legacy RefWorks. We will contact all RefWorks users in due course to advise them on switching between versions.

Not sure? If you are not sure which reference management software is right for you, please consult your subject librarian.

How do I access the old Legacy RefWorks?

Legacy RefWorks

Click the link above, and then click the red QConnect button to go to the log-in page for old Legacy RefWorks:

If you already have a Legacy RefWorks account, log in.

If you are new to RefWorks and you do not want to use the new version, click "Sign Up for a New Account" on the RefWorks log-in page, and complete the short form. You must enter your Queen’s email as your email address.

If you are signing up with RefWorks from home, you will need to enter a Group Code - see the box to the right for more information.

Please note that the Legacy version of RefWorks will probably be phased out in 2019.

How do I access the new ProQuest RefWorks?

ProQuest RefWorks logoProQuest RefWorks

Click the link above to go to the log-in page for new ProQuest RefWorks:

If you already have a ProQuest RefWorks account, sign in.

If you are new to ProQuest RefWorks, click the “Create account” link.

Fill in your information making sure you use your QUB email address. You'll receive an email to your QUB email address with a link to complete the registration process. Once you activate your account you’ll get access to ProQuest RefWorks immediately.

Refworks group code

The RefWorks group code is a special code that identifies you as being a genuine QUB user of RefWorks. Depending on which version of RefWorks you are using, you may be asked to enter the group code if you are signing up for a new RefWorks account from home.

To get the Refworks group code, click the link below - you will need to log in using your QUB username and password.

What is the RefWorks Alumni Program?

If you are a graduate or a former member of staff at Queen's, you can continue to access RefWorks through the RefWorks Alumni Program.

Joining the program entitles you to:

  • one free RefWorks Alumni Account
  • full use of RefWorks and Write-N-Cite
  • 200MB of file attachment storage
  • the ability to share your folder or account via RefShare
  • free web-based training
  • free technical support directly from RefWorks

If you already have a RefWorks account at the time of your graduation or retirement, you will be able to transfer your references and folders into an Alumni Account when you leave the University.

If you haven't had a RefWorks account while at Queen's, you can still create one under the Alumni Program.

All you need to do is email your subject librarian, who will send you details of how to set up an Alumni Account and to obtain the special Group Code you will need to access it.

RefWorks FAQs