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Getting to know the Library at Queen's: Why?

Why should I use the Library?

Simple. Using the Library will help you to get the best information, and the best marks.

The Library enables you to access the quality information resources you will need to complete your studies at Queen's to a high standard.

The better the quality of the information you use to back up what you write in assignments, the better the quality of your work. The better your work, the better, potentially, your marks will be.

During the early stages of your course, it's not unusual to feel that you don't need to use the Library much. But this will change as you advance through Queen's, particularly to postgraduate level. 

So, the earlier you familiarise yourself with Library services, the better - it will reduce your chances of being overwhelmed at a later stage.

Be smart - remember your card

You will need your student card (also known as your 'smart card') to enter and leave the McClay Library. 

You will also need it to borrow Library books, and to print and photocopy around campus.