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What is ORCID?

An ORCID iD is a unique digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers. It is used to clearly identify you as the author of a publication or activity. It is comprised of 16 digits and is assigned by the ORCID Registry. It helps ensure that your research, scholarship and innovation activities are properly attributed to you. ORCID is a not-for-profit organisation, sustained by fees from member organisations. 



Benefits of ORCID

As a researcher, your name is probably not unique and you may find that your academic outputs get confused with those by someone with a similar name. You may have publications that use different variants of your name or you may choose to change your name at some point in your career. 

By using ORCID you can:

  • eliminate name ambiguity and distinguish yourself from other researchers, ensuring proper attribution
  • ensure that your work is discoverable and connected to you throughout your academic career
  • minimize the time you spend on repetitive data entry online

Many funders such as the Wellcome Trust and the Research Councils UK allow researchers to connect their ORCID iD to grant applications. Many publishers are integrating ORCID iDs into their manuscript submission process and you can now link your ORCID iD to your Pure profile. These are important steps towards improving the flow of research information across the Higher Education Sector. 

ORCID Connections

ORCID is a hub connecting the research landscape. It is a good idea to connect your ORCID iD to any other research identifiers you have e.g. your Scopus Author ID, your Web of Science Researcher ID and your Europe PubMed Central ID. 

Please consult the following guidance on how to connect your ORCID iD to other identifiers:

SCOPUS guidelines

ResearcherID guidelines

Europe PubMed Central guidelines

ORCID and Pure

As a Pure user you can register for an ORCID iD or add your existing ORCID iD to Pure. To do this, click on "edit profile" and select "create or connect your ORCID iD".

You will be connected to the ORCID website where you can register for an ORCID iD or sign into your existing ORCID iD. Your ORCID iD will then be automatically populated into your Pure profile and will appear on your Research Portal profile. 


Fur further information, see the Research Support webpage on ORCID

ORCID Support

When you have your ORCID iD, use it when applying for funding and in your manuscript submissions. 

If you need help creating your ORCID iD from Pure, please contact the Open Access Team

If you'd like further information on ORCID, consult the:  

ORCID website


ORCID Knowledge Base