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Standards & Patents: Standards and Patents

Access to standards

Full-text access is available on the BSOL and IEEE sites. Some standards relating to the UK construction industry can also be found via the Construction Information Service

You can request other standards via the Inter-Library Loans Service.

If you have any difficulty identifying or obtaining standards, please contact your Subject Librarian.

British standards

The British Standards Online database (BSOL) contains current, draft and historic British Standards as well as BSI national adoptions of European standards (prefix BS EN) and selected international standards (prefixes BS ISO, BS IEC, BS EN ISO, BS EN ISO/IEC). Most documents are available electronically in full text.

European standards

European Standards (EN) are standards that have been ratified by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI. They have the status of a national standard in all member countries of the European Union. Access the full text of all BS ENs including Eurocodes is available on the BSOL site.


The Library does not hold copies of patents but many are freely available in full text from the patents sites listed below. Any which are not may be requested on Inter-Library Loan.

Searching for patents can be tricky and there is is a network of Patent Information Centres offering information and competent advice. Contact the PATLIB CENTRE BELFAST to find out what help is available locally.