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Metrics: Altmetrics

Altmetric Bookmarklet

You can add the free Altmetric Bookmarklet to your browser and it will provide data such as the number of tweets and mentions for papers that you view on the web. 




Altmetrics are quantitative measures, based on social media, for assessing academic publications (e.g. downloads, tweets, likes and bookmarks). They are broader in scope than bibliometrics because they can be used to cover resources such as data sets, software and blogs as well as journal articles and conference papers. They are also much quicker to accumulate than bibliometrics so can be used to assess papers that have only gathered a few citations.

There are services that enable you to track and collate altmetric data (e.g. AltmetricImpactstory and Plum Analytics) but many require a subscription.

Increasingly, publishers (e.g. Elsevier and PLOS) are making altmetric data available on their e-journal platforms. 

Further Information

Altmetrics: A Manifesto is the document which first proposed altmetrics.