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Metrics: SciVal Metrics

SciVal Metrics

SciVal uses a broad range of metrics and they can be divided into five categories: 

  • Productivity metrics- to measure research productivity
  • Citation impact metrics- to measure the impact of citations
  • Collaboration metrics- to measure the benefits of collaboration
  • Disciplinary metrics- to measure multidisciplinary 
  • Usage metrics- to measure viewing activity

Metrics to Consider in SciVal

Scopus author profiles are available for SciVal users to view. An author can view their own profile or can define groups of researchers to view. Based on the researchers selected, publication sets can be viewed. These could be the work of one author, or a selection of publications for example those being considered for REF submission.
Some popular metrics to consider are:

  • Scholarly output: the number of publications
  • Citations per publication: average number of citations received per publication
  • Outputs in the top citation percentiles: Publications that have reached a particular threshold of citations received
  • Outputs in the top journal percentiles: Publications that have been published in the world's top journals
  • Field-weighted citation impact: The ratio of citations received relative to the expected world average for the subject field, publication type and publication year
  • Collaboration impact: The average number of citations received by publications that have international, national or institutional co-authorship 
  • H-index: A measure of both the productivity and publication impact

SciVal Metrics Guidebook