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Law: Finding Journal Articles

How to find law reports, journal articles and other sources of legal information

Finding Articles from a Journal Reference

Law journal articles are cited in references using  abbreviations for the name of the journal, e.g.

Sharon Turner, 'Transforming Environmental Governance in Northern Ireland' (2006) 18 J Env L 245

You will need to the full name of the journal to find the article using either the:

e.g. for  J Env L, search for 'Journal of Environmental Law'

To find the full version of a wide range of standard journal abbreviations, use the

The Library Catalogue, or the A-Z list provides a link to the online source for a journal where available from Library subscriptions.

The year of publication of an article and journal volume number (if appropriate) can then be used to locate the article in the journal webpages. The final number given in the citation is the page number of the first page of the article.

Note: many articles can be found using the Library Article Search or Google Scholar and searching by article title. However these sources do not include law articles available from Westlaw UK and the Lexis Library.

For more on law journal citations, see the short video below.

Finding Law Articles using Subject Keywords

Use Westlaw UK to find UK law articles

  • Go the 'Journals' tab
  • Search by 'Subject/Keyword' for indexed articles
  • Westlaw indexing covers all UK law journals

The Lexis Library holds additional full text UK law journals

  • Go to the 'Journals' tab

Use HeinOnline to search a broad reach of journals from US and other countries, covering law and other subjects

Some law journals are also included in the JSTOR journals archive

Going beyond Law Journals

A number of indexes and full text sources can help you find articles in criminology, as well as providing a wider range of search coverage for criminal justice, human rights, environmental law etc. These include: