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Management: Scanned Extracts

Requesting Scanned Extracts

Current licensing arrangements allow the Library to scan and store UK and US-published journal articles and book extracts for students enrolled on a particular module. Copies are made available through Queen’s Online and the Library is responsible for adding the copyright statement required by the licence and reporting details of copies made to the Copyright Licensing Agency.

Extracts are added to a 'Readings Online' collection for the relevant module on Queen’s Online and are linked from the 'Resources' section of the module web pages.

Please contact your subject librarian if you would like a journal article or book extract to be scanned for Queen’s Online.

Your subject librarian will arrange for the library copy of the book or journal to be scanned and added to Queen’s Online.

If you require scanned items to be uploaded to more than one module, please email the additional module codes to your subject librarian. This is to ensure that the Library complies with the CLA’s regulations which includes author payment. 

Not all readings can be scanned. The licence only allows scanning from print originals. These must be either:

  • Print originals owned by the university (normally the Library), or
  • 'Copyright cleared' copies requested from the British Library through the Inter-Library Loans service

The following conditions also apply:

  • The book or journal must not already be available online
  • Each extract must be no more than 10% or one whole chapter of a book; or no more than one article from a single issue of a journal
  • The book or journal must be published in the UK or US

Adding Scanned Extracts to Canvas

Scanned extracts can be retrieved by:

·         Logging into Please note students cannot access this link.

·         Entering your module code and clicking Search to see the list of module readings scanned by the library

·         Copying and pasting the rows into Canvas

·         You may wish to add the readings to the Recommended Readings section of Canvas