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Citing, referencing and reference management: Further help

Please note:

You should always check with your supervisor or publisher that the referencing style you are using is the correct one. 

Back up your documents - especially before making significant changes (i.e. merging or changing formats). 

Always carefully proofread your work - imported data can contain errors. 

Your subject librarian will always try to help, but you are responsible for backing up, protecting and preserving your documents.

Help with referencing and citations

For further information on how to format citations and references for a specific citation style, please check:

  • cite2write, the online tutorial from the Learning Development Service at Queen's
  • guides like Cite Them Right by Richard Pears and Graham Shields; hardcopies of the book are available from the library - Library catalogue link

Need more help with referencing?

Learning Development Services offers workshops and one-to-one support for undergraduates.

Your subject librarian may also be able to help with referencing questions.  Please contact them directly, or ask at your nearest library enquiry desk.

Help with EndNote

If you would like training or advice on how to use EndNote, or how to transfer your references please contact your subject librarian.

Help with RefWorks

If you would like training or advice on how to use RefWorks, or how to transfer your references from RefWorks to another reference management package please contact your subject librarian.

For technical support and troubleshooting, please email

Library Help

If you have a question, you can ask it via Library Help, our interactive FAQs service.

Type a question into the box below, then click Ask.

EndNote video tutorials

Clarivate, the publisher of EndNote, provide a wider range of user guides and other training materials, including video tutorials.


RefWorks video tutorials

ProQuest, the publisher of RefWorks, has created a series of video tutorials, covering all aspects of the old Legacy RefWorks and the new ProQuest RefWorks, from the basic to the advanced: