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Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences: Undergraduate Guide

Library Guide for Undergraduates

If you are an undergraduate Medicine, Dentistry or Biomedical Sciences student, and if you need to find evidence or research to support points you make in assignments, there are a number of information sources available to you. See below for details.


The reading list for your module may include books containing useful information for your assignment.

The Library aims to stock copies of all books specified on reading lists. To find books, go to the Library website and use QCat Library Catalogue to search for a specific book title, or type in a topic to view all books in the Library about that topic.

The catalogue will show the locations of all print copies of books that you can borrow. It will also include links to any books are available for you read on-line in e-book format.

If a book you need does not appear in our catalogue, please email your Subject Librarian, who will investigate purchasing the book.

Journal Articles

The reading list for your module may also include articles useful for your assignments. The full text of these articles may be available directly through the Resources link on the module's page on Queen's Online.

You can also find articles by going to the Library website and clicking on the Article Search tab. Type in a topic (or a specific article title), and click Submit.

Article Search will look in all the journals subscribed to by the Library, and display a list of articles relevant to your topic. Read, and download, an article by clicking on the link that appears underneath the article details, and following the links through to the relevant publisher's website, logging in with your student number and password if prompted to do so. Most articles will be available for you to print or save in PDF format.

If you want to search within one specific journal, rather than across all the journals subscribed to by the Library, go to the Library website and click on the E-Journals A-Z link.

In the E-Journals A-Z, search for the journal you need. 

If the Library subscribes to the journal, it will appear in the list of results. To access the journal website, click the Full Text Access link that appears underneath the journal details. You can then search the journal website for articles on your topic, or browse the list of all available issues to find a specific article. Many articles will be available for you to download and keep in PDF format.

Search Engines

If you want to search more widely for journal articles, you can use the search engines below. However, unlike the Library's Article Search, which connects you to the full text of articles for free, the resources below may list articles that you will not be able to access without paying. 

If you find an article using one of these resources that is not available for free, you can try requesting it using our inter-library loan service (make sure you follow the instructions for Taught Postgraduate Students (Masters), Undergraduates and Teaching Assistants, otherwise you will not be able to request articles).


Always check with your supervisor or module co-ordinator that it is acceptable to refer to websites in your work. If so, make sure that any websites you use are reliable, good quality, evidence-based, and written by researchers or organisations that you can trust.

Generally, avoid referring to Wikipedia in your work, otherwise you will lose marks. Wikipedia entries can be created and edited by anyone, whether or not they are experts, leading to inaccuracies and falsehoods on Wikipedia pages that you must not reproduce in your work.

Advanced Searching

If you need to do more in-depth searches for information on a topic, click the Postgraduates & QUB Staff tab above, and explore some of the resources that are used by more advanced searchers.

If you need help searching any resources, please email your Subject Librarian for advice or to book a tutorial.

Referencing and Reference Management

If you're not certain how to reference the books, articles and other sources that you use in your assignments, please contact your supervisor or module co-ordinator, or consult your module handbook, which will hopefully contain guidance on referencing.

You can also email the Student Guidance Centre for referencing help.

Useful Resources