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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: Books

Finding print books in the McClay Library

Use the QCat Library Catalogue to find the books you need. Each book has a shelfmark consisting of letters and numbers; the shelfmarks are used to group books on the same topic together. So when you go to the shelves to fetch one book, you may find other useful books on the same topic beside it.

This diagram shows how to read a shelfmark.


Standard Loan books on aerospace and mechanical engineering are shelved on floor 3 of the McClay Library, but when you search the QCat Library Catalogue you may also find useful material in other areas of the library. Relevant shelfmarks include:

  • Aerospace - mainly at TL but also at TA (general engineering) and TJ (mechanical engineering)
  • Mechanical engineering - mainly at TJ but also at TA (general engineering) and TS (manufacturing)

Reference Books

The aerospace and mechanical engineering reference books (eg encyclopaedias and handbooks) can be found in the following sections at the start of the book sequence on the 3rd floor. Reference books, which can only be used in the Library, can be recognised by the R/ at the beginning of the shelfmark:

  • Aerospace - R/TA, R/TJ, R/TL
  • Mechanical engineering - R/TA, R/TJ, R/TS

Finding a wider range of books using COPAC

Sometimes the Library will not have a particular book you need, or enough books on your topic. You can use COPAC, the combined catalogues of 80 major UK and Irish libraries, to identify relevant books and then either request them via the Inter-Library Loans service or email me if you think they should be purchased by the Library:

Recommend a book

Click on the "Book suggestion" image to access the book suggestion formReading list books

The library makes every effort to hold the key texts that are on reading lists for your modules.

If there are books on your module reading list which you cannot find in the QCat Library Catalogue, please let the library know: fill in our book form or email your subject librarian, Irene Bittles (email:

Books not on reading lists 
The library also considers purchasing suggestions for books which are not on module reading lists. If you'd like to recommend a book for the library collection, please email your subject librarian, Irene Bittles (email:
If you only need to consult a book briefly, requesting it from another library via the Inter-Library Loans service could be the quickest option.


The Library has thousands of ebooks and they are all included in QCat Library Catalogue. You can easily link from QCat to the full text.

Short Loan Books

Books in high demand because they are on reading lists are kept in the Short Loan Collection which is located on the ground floor of the McClay Library, next to the Borrower Services Desk. Short Loan copies of a book have the same shelfmark as copies on Standard Loan.