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COVID-19: Key resources

Staff Health & Wellbeing

Public Health Agency: focusing on the Take 5 Message  

British Psychological Society includes resources for both staff and the public 

Health Education England: information for staff to help manage their mental health during the Covid-19 crisis.

Guide to mental health & emotional wellbeing resources collated by PHA

Find APPS to support your health A range of HSC approved apps for fitness, nutrition, sleep and mental health

MIMS Drug Shortages - Live tracker

Information for Patients

Rehabilitation Information for Patients

Royal College of Occupational therapists

guides include managing post viral fatigue after Covid.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

includes information of breathlessness & getting stronger and more active

NHS Website on recovery from covid  

downloadable PDFs on various topics including Managing The Effects on your body (breathlessness taste & smell, cough etc) , your mind  (fear and anxiety, mood, concentration etc. )   and other conditions ( diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory)