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Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Sciences for Healthcare Library: Welcome

Subject guide for HSC Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Sciences staff who are members of the Healthcare Library of Northern Ireland

Welcome to the Healthcare Library Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Sciences subject guide

This Healthcare Library subject guide connects you to your Specialist Librarian, and provides direct links to key databases and other library resources relevant to HSC Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Sciences staff.

Contact your Specialist Librarian

Richard Fallis

Specialist Librarian for Medicine, Dentistry & Healthcare Sciences

028 9097 8900


Richard is able to provide:

  • General Healthcare Library training
  • One-to-one and group training
  • Help with planning literature searches
  • Guidance on searching databases
  • Advice on current awareness options

Also, contact Richard if you would like to request books or journals for the Library, or to subscribe to any of the current awareness bulletins that he prepares (see below).


Current Awareness Bulletins

Your Specialist Librarian prepares monthly and bi-monthly current awareness bulletins, containing links to new, full-text articles on a range of specialties. To view bulletins, and to subscribe to receive new issues by email, click the link below.