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English: Finding Journal Articles

Understanding Journals

A journal is a specific type of academic publication. Like magazines they are published regularly throughout the year. This may be monthly, biannually or quarterly and each part is referred to as a journal issue.

Each journal issue contains a collection of articles (short pieces of written work). Articles are written by scholars and academics.

Many journals are now published electronically, but the convention is to reference them using the print details (i.e., volume, issue and page numbers).  For literature and languages some articles you need will only be available in print. Depending on the referencing style you are using, they will look something like this:

References to journal articles never include the name of the publisher or the place of publication.


Finding E-Journal Articles on Library Search

The basics

The quickest and easiest way to find journal articles is to use Library Search - it is on the library homepage.  This will search across all full-text articles available at Queen’s. (The video below will show you how to use it).

If you are looking for a specific article just enter the title into the search box.  For more general searches enter some keywords - the results page will give you plenty of options to limit and improve your search.  The presentation on this page will show you how to find articles and use Library Search.

Finding Print Articles