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Research Data Management: Sharing my data in Pure

Datasets and Pure & Queen's Research Portal

Submitting your dataset to Pure

CC license and data

Readme file templates

Readme file templates

You can use the readme file templates below to document your data.

They will ensure that your research is FAIR and that reproducibility is possible based on the extensive documentation you supply.

Remember the goal is to assist researchers to be able to use your data by means of the information you give.

The more contextual and comprehensive information you provide, the better for your data and for future researchers using your data.

Requesting a DOI for your dataset in Pure

Did you know that when you create your dataset in Pure, we can register a DOI for the dataset via DataCite?

By assigning a DOI to the dataset, this gives it a persistent link and can make it easier to cite.

It will meet funder requirements regarding data sharing. It also will meet publisher requirements also.

We only issue DOIs to datasets that meet our eligibility criteria as outlined below:

  1. The dataset embraces FAIR principles
  2. There is high quality metadata in the dataset record
  3. The file formats are open
  4. The documentation for the dataset is of a sufficient quality too. This will include a readme file as a basic minimum standard.