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Psychology for Healthcare Library: Keeping up to date

How to keep Up To Date

Keeping up to date with current research, publications, reports etc is difficult.  Here I have highlighted various ways the library service can be of assistance. 

  •  subscribe to the current awareness bulletin(s) you are interested in to receive a list of recently published information as a PDF with links to enable you to access the full text with a few clicks
  • subscribe to Read by QxMD & receive journal alerts to your smart phone
  • Create your own individual specific search alerts ( create a search, save it and create an alert to run automatically once a month & email any newly published articles ).

Current Awareness Bulletin for Psychologists

Current Awareness Bulletin 

Current Awareness Bulletins (CAB) lists recent research and articles of relevance for clinical psychologists, making it easier for you to keep up-to-date with current developments.  Several journals are scanned each month to select the articles to create the CAB.  You will receive a bulletin each month.  

You can sign up to receive the bulletin when it is published by emailing me :

Please note  Membership of the Healthcare Library is required in order to connect directly to the full text of featured articles.

New APP Read by QxMD

‚ÄčRead by QxMD

You can now access papers in Healthcare Library journals via Read by QxMD, a journal discovery and alerting app that enables you to:

  • Connect seamlessly on your mobile device to papers in open access and Healthcare Library journals

  • Receive notifications of new articles in your favourite journals

  • Download PDF full text of papers without needing to log in repeatedly

For information on getting started with using Read and setting up journal alerts, please download the guide below: