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Pharmacy for Healthcare Library: Keeping up to date

Alerts for topics

The best way to set up an alert for a specific topic you are interested in is on Medline.  Carry out your search on Medline as normal and then when logged into My Account save your search but select Auto-alert instead of permanent.  It's a great way of keeping up to date with an area you are interested in or researching without you having to keep checking for new literature.

Keep up to date with what is happening at NICE

NICE provide a range of newsletters and alerts for you to sign up to, such as

  • Medicines and prescribing alerts
  • Medicines and prescribing: important new evidence
  • Medicines awareness service

To subscribe to any of these please see the link below.

Journal app tool

‚ÄčRead by QxMD

You can now access papers in Healthcare Library journals via Read by QxMD, a journal discovery app that enables you to:

  • connect seamlessly on your mobile device to papers in open access and Healthcare Library journals
  • download PDF full text of papers without needing to log in repeatedly

In addition personlisation features on Read by QxMD you will be able to keep up to date by:

  • setting up My Journals for your favourite journals 
  • set up alerts for My Keywords
  • searching for and following Collections
  • the more you use it the Featured Feed section will tailor recommended articles based on your profile and trending paper

For information on getting started with using Read and setting up journal alerts, please download the guide below: