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Official Publications: United Nations

United Nations

Official publications published by the United Nations and related agencies are shelved in Law and Official Publications on Floor 2 of the McClay Library.

The classification assigned to the print collection is JZU and in principle are arranged according to the issuing body. However, in addition, a number of titles have been classified according to their subject and are located in the main print collections of the McClay Libray. 

The Library holds UN publications dating from the establishment of the organisation in 1945 and all can be found using the Library Catalogue advanced search with guidance from the Searching tab.   

With the decline in print publishing, recent and current publications can be sourced from the following web sites:

  • UN Official Document System (ODS) provides access to all documents published since 1993 and a range of documents published between 1946  and 1993 including those from the Security Council, the General Assembly Official Records, resolutions and the Daily Journals of New York and Geneva.
  • UN Digital Library provides full text access to votes, speeches and other free online publications.
  • UN Documentation by Body and Subject can help browse online documents by issuing body and subject.
  • UN Treaty Series is only accessible to QUB staff and students.
  • UN Member States lists members alphabetically and links to their statements, speeches, sponsored resolutions, diplomatic relations and more.
  • UNiLibrary provides full text (read only) access to books, papers, journals and datasets published by the UN.