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Chemistry & Chemical Engineering: Articles and Papers


The following e-journal packages all give access to research papers on chemistry and chemical engineering:

To find a specific e-journal, please check the Library's e-journals A-Z list:

Search RSC books and journals

Search RSC books (1968-2014) and journals in one simple search

Print Journals

Hardcopies of journals published from 1981 to the present are shelved in the Journals Area on the 3rd floor.

The pre-1981 journals are kept in the Library Store - please ask at the Borrower Services Desk on the ground floor if you wish to consult any of them.

Journal title abbreviations

If you only have the abbreviated title of a Chemistry journal and need the full title (or vice versa), try looking it up in CAS Source Index (CASSI).

Searching databases of research literature

If you just need a few journal articles on your topic, use the QCat Article Search or an ejournal package such as the RSC journals. They will deliver online full-text immediately.

If you need a comprehensive overview of journal articles or conference papers, use the databases below, as they have wider coverage and more search options. They don't contain the online full text of articles and papers, so you will need to use the QConnect service to link to the full-text in other databases. 

The databases cover many more items than are available from Queen's University Library. If you want to read an article which you cannot access, it can be requested via the Inter-Library Loans service.

Key databases for chemistry and chemical engineering

Extensive database of chemical literature. Use it to find journal articles and patent records, as well as chemical substances and reactions. You can search by topic, author, or substances by name. Alternatively, use the editor to draw chemical structures, substructures, or reactions. Produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)

The world's largest bibliographic and citation database. It covers nearly 20,000 academic journals from chemistry, chemical engineering and other science and engineering subjects. Great for finding academic journal articles and conference papers. Good complement to the Web of Science.

Scopus tutorials

Extensive bibliographic and citation database. Covers key academic journals from chemistry, chemical engineering and other science and engineering subjects. Great source of information on academic journal articles and conference papers. Good complement to Scopus.

Web of Science Tutorial: Web of Science Quick Tour (YouTube)

Great for finding older journal articles and conference papers from all areas of engineering. Use Scopus or Web of Science for more recent content.

Off-campus access

The library's databases and e-journals packages can be accessed both on and off-campus.

For off-campus access please follow the links to the databases from this guide or from the QCat library catalogue or the library's Databases A-Z list.

This will enable you to authenticate with your QUB ID card details and use the databases and e-journals when you are away from campus.

If you have queries about accessing e-books, e-journals or databases from off-campus, check our e-resources guide, or contact your subject librarian, Irene Bittles (email:

Cited Reference Searching

If you find a journal article that is particularly relevant to your research, a simple way of finding similar articles is to look for ones which have referred to your original. You can do this by using these databases:

See the Cited Reference Searching tutorial for further information. (Text-only version)

Keeping up to date

These RSC databases are useful for keeping track of the latest research papers.