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Arts, English and Languages: Finding Books

Book References

Book references will look something like the examples below (different referencing styles might arrange the elements in slightly different ways). 

Book references will include a publisher and a place of publication - journal articles normally don’t.

To find books use Library Search - it is on the library homepage.  This will find electronic and print book titles available at Queen’s. (The video below will show you how to use it).  Not all books will be available online.  A good approach is to search for the author or editor surname along with 2 or 3 words from the title.

The presentation on this page will show you how to find books on Library Search.

Finding Books on Library Search

Recommend a book

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

If the library doesn't hold a book or e-book, which you would like to read - or there are not enough copies - please let your subject librarian know. 

Fill in the online book suggestion form or email Diarmuid Kennedy (email:

Your subject librarian will consider every book / e-book purchase suggestion and, if appropriate, the book will be ordered for the library. We will keep you informed about the outcome of your book suggestion.