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Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science: Books / E-books

Finding relevant books and e-books

QUB library holds thousands of books and e-books on computer science, software engineering, information technology, electrical engineering and related subjects. Most can be found by searching the Library catalogue. Many additional e-books are also available via the O'Reilly platform (see further information in this guide).

Most of the relevant books are shelved on Floor 3 of the McClay Library. Relevant shelfmarks include QA76 and TK.

Short Loan: Books which are on module reading lists and in high demand are kept in the Short Loan Collection on the ground floor of the McClay Library.

Reference books, such as encyclopaedias and handbooks, are shelved at the start of the book sequence on Floor 3. You can recognise them by the shelfmark which begins with R/, e.g.: R/QA76 - computer science reference books, R/TK - electrical engineering reference books

E-books can be accessed both on campus and from home. Find the required book on the Library catalogue and follow the "Queen's Online Resource (Queen's Staff and Students Only)" link. You may be asked to log in with your QUB ID card details.

For more information on finding and accessing e-books, please have a look at our e-book guide.

Finding books on the library catalogue

O'Reilly for Higher Eduction e-books

The O'Reilly platform provides access to thousands of e-books on IT, programming, engineering and related topics, as well as a wide range of videos, case studies, audio books etc.

The e-books which are hosted on the O'Reilly platform are not currently listed on the library catalogue. For help with finding and accessing e-books on the O'Reilly platform, check this guide.

Popular e-books on the O'Reilly platform include:

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 2nd edition

Fluent Python, 2nd edition

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 7th edition

Sign in to the O'Reilly platform to find more e-books.

Recommend a book / e-book

If the library doesn't hold a book or e-book, which you would like to read - or there are not enough copies - please let your subject librarian know. 

Fill in the online book suggestion form or email your subject librarian, Irene Bittles (email:

Your subject librarian will consider every book / e-book purchase suggestion and, if appropriate, the book will be ordered for the library. We will keep you informed about the outcome of your book suggestion.

Finding a wider range of books

Sometimes the Library may not have a particular book you need, or not enough books on your topic.

You can use Library Hub Discover, the combined catalogues of more than 120 major UK and Irish libraries, to identify additional books which may be relevant for your research.

Then either request a temporary loan of the book via the Inter-Library Loans service or email your subject librarian, Irene Bittles, if you think the book should be purchased for the Library.