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Nursing & Midwifery: Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles

What is a journal article? 

Journal articles are short papers on specific topics that are written by researchers, professors and experts in their discipline.  They provide information about current research and teaching. Researchers write articles to report and detail the findings of research they have carried out.  Articles are then published in journals so they can be read and shared with others in their field. 


What is a journal? 

A journal is a scholarly publication that focuses on a specific discipline and contains a collection of articles. They are similar to magazines but are intended for an academic audience as opposed to general readers. 

Journals publish on a regular basis so they provide the most relevant and up to date information. 

Traditionally, articles form an issue and a set of issues grouped together make up a volume.


How to find a journal article 

Journals may be in print or electronic (e-journal) format. Most journals that the library subscribes to are available as e-journals. To locate individual journal titles, enter the title into the Library Search box. 

Alternatively, if you want to do a quick and simple search for articles on a particular topic, enter some relevant keywords into the Library Search box.  On the results page, go to the filters on the left-hand side.  Find the Resource Type section and select Articles.  This will then display full text articles from the library’s e-journal subscriptions on your subject area.