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Nursing & Midwifery: Referencing


Referencing is essential practice for university students. When producing academic work and completing assignments you are required to refer to the sources you use.  There are several reasons for this:

  • It demonstrates that you have read widely and provides evidence to support your arguments
  • It acknowledges the ideas and research from other authors and organisations
  • It enables the reader to locate the information and ideas used in your work
  • It helps to avoid plagiarism

To find out more about how to reference please visit the referencing guide using the link below:

Reference Guide

Learning Development Service

The Learning Development Service (LDS) at Queen's provides information on referencing.  It can be accessed via the following page:


They have also created a guide to help with citing in the main body of text and listing references at the end of assignments.  It can be accessed via the link below:

Harvard Guide

For any referencing queries, contact LDS via the following page:

Learning Development Service


Cite Them Right

Cite Them Right is an online resource that provides clear and concise guidance on referencing.  It contains in-text citation and reference list examples.  It can be accessed via the following link:

Cite Them Right 

Cite Them Right is also available as a print book and can be borrowed from the library.  Click the book title below to see where it is located:

Library Search

Library Search, the central search point for QUB library resources, contains a citation feature. Next to the title you wish to reference, click on the quotation mark icon. Then choose the reference style, e.g. Cite Them Right Harvard. Highlight the reference and copy. This can then be pasted into a document such as Microsoft Word.

If creating a reference list, copy and paste a number of references into a Word document. Then highlight the entire list and select the A-Z icon. This will sort the list alphabetically.

Remember to check references for accuracy and ensure they follow the same format before including them in your work.

Manage your references

Reference management software (also called bibliographic management or citation management) can save you a great deal of time and effort when you are writing a paper, dissertation or thesis.

It enables you to store the references you collect while searching the literature, and will automatically format the citations in a word document, and produce a list of references at the end of that document formatted in the style of your choice (e.g. Harvard, Vancouver).

The reference management tool that the library subscribes to is EndNote.  For more information, click on the EndNote tab on top of this page.