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Wellbeing and Relaxation Collection: Introduction

New Wellbeing and Relaxation Books

Free e-books

Wiley are offering the following eBooks FREE of charge: these are currently appearing on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Google Books.  The links below are to the Google Books versions.


The Wellbeing and Relaxation Area offers ambient lighting, comfortable seating and a calm environment in the centre of a busy academic library. There are a range of print and electronic resources covering several useful topics as well as a collection of fiction titles. Please feel free to add your suggestions to the suggestion tree and don't forget to give us your feedback!

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We'd love to hear more about what you think of the Wellbeing Collection, you can share your thoughts here.


Wellbeing and Relaxation Collection

Thanks to generous funding from the Annual Fund, the library established a Wellbeing Collection in 2019 to help and support students. The collection is now well established and rights to borrow from it have been extended to other Library members. The collection contains around 2500 print and 60 e-book titles covering a range of topics relating to your heath and wellbeing as well as a collection of light fiction. Please use this guide to explore the collection.

Please note, no fines will be applied to books in this collection.