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Open Access: OA Team, FAQs & Blogs

This guide is intended to provide advice on open access to researchers

Open Access Team

Top: L to R: Mark Bennett, Stephen Gorman, Michael O'Connor, Dan Holden

Bottom: L to R: Rebecca Clarke, Kriss Leslie, Colleen Tierney 

Open Access Team

The Library's Open Access Team can help you with:

Training and Support:

Full list of upcoming training courses available here.

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Why is Open Access important to Queen’s?

Open Access: Green or Gold Route?

Using a social networking site versus using an institutional repository

Complying with the Open Access Policy for REF 

Preventing Duplicate Records in Pure


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What is the HEFCE policy on Open Access?

What document do I upload to comply with HEFCE’s Open Access Policy for the REF?

Should I go the Green or Gold Open Access route?

Where do I get funds to pay for Gold Open Access?

How do I add the different stages of publication to my journal article in Pure?

More FAQs on Open Access available here

Open Access Twitter