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eresources : problems

I'm getting The password you entered was incorrect at Queen's login

If you receive The password you entered was incorrect message at the QUB login 



but can access Queen's Online QoL or QUB email with the same credentials, you will need to reset your password using this link 

You should then try accessing the resource again.

If you are unable to do this you will need to request a password reset from the IT Service Desk.

You should present your student card to them in person.  If you are unable to attend in person please contact 

Student Guidance Centre on 028 9097 2727.

To allow resource to be used in a starting point URL, your Ezproxy …

If you receive the following message:

An error has occurred.

The website you are trying to access has not been configured. Please email with the debug data below the name of the resource for this to be corrected.



Please copy details of the resource you are trying to access and the text of this error message and send to . 

You do not have necessary permissions to access this resource

If you receive the below message

Services licensed only for Queen's staff and students

You do not have the necessary permissions to access this resource


Your user number identifies you as belonging to a user group which has no access rights to library electronic resources.  

If you believe this to be incorrect please please forward your name and staff/student number as well as the text of the error message to

I receive the message "A System Problem has Occurred."

If you receive the following message A System Problem has Occurred.



I am using Article Search or an an EBSCO database and receive the EBSCOhost page

If you are using Article Search or an EBSCO database and receive the screen

I receive the message "A Systems Problem has Occurred"

If you receive the message "A System Problem has Occurred" and are using either QCat Article Search or an EBSCOhost database with Internet Explorer and Windows 10 



You should add http://* to Internet Explorer's trusted sites 

  • You can do this by clicking on Tools button, and then click Internet options
  • Click the Security tab
  • Now click on Trusted sites and then click on the sites button.
  • Enter http://* and click on Add.
  • When you are finished, click on Close.

How do I access full text articles on Article Search off campus?

If using Article Search off campus you should click on 

Hello, Guest. Login for full access 

in the yellow banner at the top of the screen and enter your QUB username and password in order to gain access to full text. 

Are you being asked to pay for e-journal access?

If you are being asked to login to a resource or database or you are denied access to full text



This could be because you have gone direct to the resource.

You could:

Search QCat Library Catalogue

Check the URL

Login to Article Search

Check with your Subject Librarian

Page cannot be displayed

If you receive the Page cannot be displayed error message


My browser hangs or displays a connection failed message

Assuming there is no known temporary problem with the resource you are trying to access (for service interruption notices see Library Blog) this may be caused by something in your local PC or Browser setup. These often fall into one of the following categories:


Browser popups

Browser PDF handling


If you need further help with PC/browser configuration please contact the IT Service Desk on the ground floor of the McClay Library.


I receive the message "Inter-institutional access failure"

If you are receiving the "Inter-institutional access failure" message, it may be because you do not fall into any of the categories listed below:

  • current students at Queen's University Belfast
  • current staff at Queen's University Belfast
  • Honorary members of staff

If you believe you have received this message in error, please forward your name and student/staff number in an email to

What are the minimum browser requirements for Article Search?

Check that you have the minimum browser requirements for Article Search.


Internet Explorer

8.0 or later (*see note below)


Latest version plus one previous version


Latest version plus one previous version

Google Chrome

Latest version plus one previous version


Javascript, Cookies Enabled

* Note: As of May 2016, IE 8.0 and 9.0 will continue to be supported, however all newly released services and features will only be supported in IE 10.0 or higher.


Library Help‌‌

Authorization Failure You are not authorized to use this application for the following reason: Unknown.

If you receive the error page:

Authorization Failure

You are not authorized to use this application for the following reason: Unknown.



Please clear the cache in your browser, see the ‘Clear your cache’ section here for information on how to do this.

Close your browser and open a fresh browser and access the library website again using the QUB Library URL: or access the URL with a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox, OperaChrome, or Safari

If you are using a bookmarked URL please delete it and use the QUB Library URL:

An error occurred while processing your request.... this service require cookies…

If you see the below screen:

this is the result of the user using the back button around the login screens.

Multiple requests are not allowed for security reasons and the error message is presented.

Resolution usually involves

If I cannot access Article Search

If full text links on Article Search are not working or you cannot access Article Search



take a note of the journal title and the issue and year details



Go to Queen's University Library and on QCat Library Catalogue search for Scottish Geographical Magazine


or go straight to QCat Library Catalogue platform 


Locate the record


click on the dates in the record to access full text



Locate the year, volume and issue and click on PDF



Access full text PDF of the article



See below for PDF or video guide 

If cannot access Article Search - video

If I cannot access QCat Library Catalogue

If you cannot access QCat Library Catalogue 


You can still search for databases via Databases A-Z


or e-journal titles via E-Journals A-Z


Still can't get access to library e-Resources ?

If you know how to access but you are experiencing a problem which is preventing you from accessing a resource please provide:

  • step-by-step details of how you tried to access the resource (QUB Library Catalogue, E-Journals A-Z, QUB LibGuides, database etc.)
  • details of what you are trying to access, including search terms 
  • whether you are on campus or off campus
  • what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) you are using 
  • operating system (Windows 7, Mac OS X etc.) you are using
  • and a print screen of the error page (Alt + PrtScr)

in an email to