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eresources : cache

Browser cache

Cache is a local storage area in your browser in which previously viewed web pages and images are stored.                                                     

Clearing cache can improve the speed and performance of your browser, as well as resolving some e-resource problems.

The below sections explain how to delete the cache on the more commonly used browsers.


1. Select the menu button  in top right hand corner of browser 

2. Select Options


3. Select Privacy & Security 



4. In Privacy & Settings section, select Clear History...



5. Choose Time range to clear:

    Click on Clear Now


6. Exit and re-launch the browser.

Firefox 3.x and up for Mac

1. Click the Firefox menu and select Preferences.

2. Click the Advanced icon and click the Network tab.

3. Click Clear Now under the Cache section.

4. Click the X in the top left corner to close the Advanced window.

5. Exit and re-launch the browser.


1. Select More  in the top right corner of browser


2. Click More tools and select Clear browsing data...


3. Choose a time range, selecting All time will delete everything. Check the boxes 

Cookies and other site data and

Cached images and files

are selected. 

Click Clear data




1. Click on Safari in top toolbar, select Clear History



2. Choose a time range, selecting all time will delete everything. 

Click Clear History