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Management: Copyright

Copyright for Teaching Purposes

Copies of journal articles, extracts from books, and some other kinds of material, can be made for teaching purposes at Queen’s under the terms of a ‘blanket’ licence granted by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). The licence covers both photocopying and scanning from print originals. Scanning from print and the use of multiple photocopies would not otherwise be permitted under the ‘fair dealing’ or ‘library privilege’ provisions that form part of copyright law.


Photocopies of single items can be made as required for teaching purposes. ‘Course packs’ of extracts can also be created for a module.


Most books, journals, periodicals, conference proceedings and law reports published in the United Kingdom are covered by the licence. The photocopy element of the licence also covers publications from much of Europe, Canada and Australia. Most US publishers are included in both the photocopying and scanning elements of the licence, but the list is not comprehensive. 

Copies can only be made under licence if the print original is available in Queen’s, or alternatively, if a ‘copyright cleared’ copy has been requested from the British Library. These can be requested through the Library’s Inter-Library Loan service. Copies may only be used by students or staff of Queen’s University

Restrictions on Photocopied Course Packs

The standard limits on the amount of copying permitted (10%/one chapter/one article) apply as for copying for other purposes.

Queen’s can charge students and staff a fee sufficient to cover the administrative costs associated with creating a course pack. However, photocopies made under the licence cannot be sold (or hired out) for profit.

Copying is permitted to ensure that every student enrolled for a module (and the relevant tutors) can receive a copy of the licensed extracts to be used. The number of copies should not exceed the number of students enrolled.

Excluded Material

Some material cannot be copied under the CLA copying licence: this includes printed music; maps, charts or books of tables; and bibles, liturgical works and orders of service. Copying from newspapers is permitted in Queen’s under a separate licence from the Newspaper Licensing Agency. Unpublished works, e.g. theses, dissertations, internally produced reports, minutes etc, are not covered.