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HSC Resources for Wellbeing : The Wellbeing and Relaxation Area at the McClay

A guide for HSC users to direct them to wellbeing spaces and resources

McClay Wellbeing and Relaxation

If you’re working in the City Hospital or thereabouts you may want to try out the Wellbeing and Relaxation Area in the McClay Library, only ten minutes’ walk away.

If you have Healthcare Library Membership, you can enter the McClay using your membership card.

Go through the barriers and walk straight forward. On your left you’ll see a secluded area with soft lighting. There you will find comfy beanbags, a sun lamp and a plasma ball to help when you’re feeling over stimulated.

Fancy doing some reading? We have books to cover all manner of topics from health to hobbies to a range of light fiction. Feel free to hang out in this little haven.

Find more information on the McClay Wellbeing Collection

(Some eresources may not be available for HCLNI members)