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Geography: Contemporary Online maps

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Contemporary online maps of Great Britain

Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection

*Please note that Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection does not include Northern Ireland maps*

Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection contains maps of mainland Great Britain at scales ranging from 1:1,250 up to 1:750,000. There are scanned raster maps which are digital versions of Ordnance Survey's paper maps as well as vector maps at a range of scales including OS MasterMap®, the most detailed large scale mapping.

The service includes many other products from Ordnance Survey including postcodes, administrative boundaries, a gazetteer of place names and digital terrain models.

Standard tasks that Digimap allows you to perform are:

  • selecting your area of interest in Great Britain by zooming and panning
  • viewing maps at one of the pre-defined scales
  • printing maps at A4 to A0 size, in either landscape or portrait
  • annotating maps with symbols, lines, polygons and labels
  • downloading a PDF., PNG, JPG print files for printing later
  • Setting a user defined scale for printing

The Data Download feature allows those with more specialist requirements to download map data for use eg in GIS software.

You will need to register with EDINA Digimap before you can access their collections. 

If you have any problems accessing Digimap, please contact 

Land Cover online maps of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Environment Digimap

Environment Digimap provides access to Land Cover data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Separate datasets are available for 1990, 2000, 2007 and 2015, all national coverages. Also included are Dudley Stamp’s maps of the 1930’s Land Utilisation Survey of Britain.

You will need to register with EDINA Digimap before you can access their collections.

If you have any problems accessing Digimap, please email

Contemporary online maps of Northern Ireland - OSNI

Spatial NI is Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland's web mapping platform, designed to be a 'one stop shop' for finding and using geospatial data relating to Northern Ireland. It provides access Ordnance Survey's authoritative mapping data and other geospatial  information from multiple providers across the public and private sectors. 

Contemporary online maps of the Republic of Ireland - Tailte √Čireann

The GeoHive service provides access, through a data catalogue and a map viewer, to a range of authoritative publicly available Irish spatial data, including topographic, street address and aerial imagery.