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Queen's University of Belfast Map Library

The QUB Map Library is located in the Geography building in the School of the Natural and Built Environment. It has the most extensive collection of print maps at QUB, including the 1st edition of the 6 inch Ordnance Survey of Ireland. Although many of the maps in the collection are of Ireland, the coverage is worldwide. 

Please note that the Map Library has restricted opening hours. Contact for further enquiries.

Maps and Atlases in Special Collections - Overview


Special Collections & Archives holds 3 core map collections:

Core Map Collection 1: The Ewart Map Collection

The Ewart Map Collection (c. 1567-1896), is a collection of 168 original maps and facsimiles of printed and manuscript maps of Ireland. The collection was originally assembled by Belfast collector and linen merchant, Lavens M. Ewart J. P. (1845-1898). It was formally presented to Queen's University in 1954 by Ewart's grandchildren, Dr. Vivian Lutwyche, Dr. Violet Lutwyche, and Ms Lenore Dawson. A number of complementary maps have been added to the collection since the original deposit. 

The collection is comprised of 4 main categories. These are: Ewart 1 - Maps of Ireland; Ewart 2 - Maps of the Provinces and Counties of Ireland; Ewart 3 - Maps of Individual Places within Ireland; and Ewart 4 - Maps and Plans of Belfast.

A full listing is available here.

Digital Special Collections & Archives provides online access to a selection of maps from the Ewart Map Collection.

Further information about this collection is provided in the Ewart Map Collection section below.


Core Map Collection 2: Hibernia Regnum Map Collection

The Hibernia Regnum Map Collection contains 289 facsimiles of the Down Survey of the Baronies of Ireland, 1655-1659.

The collection is made up of two sets: Ulster and Munster; and Leinster and Connaught. Special Collections holds 141 maps of the Ulster and Munster Provinces. Of these, there are 105 individual maps and 36 duplicates. The collection also houses 148 maps of the Leinster and Connaught Provinces. Of these, there are 109 individual maps and 39 duplicates.

A full listing is available here.

Further information about this collection is provided in the Hibernia Regnum section below.


Core Map Collection 3: Maps of the Escheated Counties of Ireland

The Maps of the Escheated Counties of Ireland is a collection of 31 facsimiles of old maps of Ireland. They were copied at the Ordnance Survey Office in Southampton and published by Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E., in 1861. 

A full listing is available here.


Maps of the Escheated Counties of Ireland, 1609

These maps are also printed in a single bound volume, Maps of the Escheated Counties of Ireland, 1609

The atlas, which remains available for consultation in Special Collections, is also accessible online via Digital Special Collections & Archives. Please see our blog post for more details about this atlas.


Further information about this collection is provided in the Maps of the Escheated Counties section below.


Other Maps and Atlases

In addition to the core collections, Special Collections houses a wide range of maps and atlases. 

All maps and atlases outside the three core collections are searchable via the catalogue.

A number of prominent holdings are outlined in various sections below, including Ordnance Survey maps; and atlases attributed to notable cartographers such as John Speed, John Senex, William Petty, and Thomas Jefferys.

All maps and atlases are available for consultation in the Special Collections & Archives Reading Room. 

For an overview of Special Collections' holdings, please also see our blog post and infographic guide


NB This subject guide pertains to the materials held in Special Collections & Archives. Please see the Maps section of the Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology  subject guide for an overview of the resources available outside of Special Collections.


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