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Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

Subject guide for all QUB Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences students and staff

Grey literature

Grey literature is research material that isn’t formally published in a journal or a book. Some useful sources of grey literature are listed below.

Please note: Not all searches require grey literature - please check with your supervisor if it is required for your particular search or project. Even if a search does require grey literature, not all of the sources listed below will be relevant or useful.

Also, please be aware that most grey literature sources feature limited search functionality compared to databases such as MEDLINE and Web of Science Core Collection, so you might need to simplify considerably any search strategies you have used in other databases.

Clinical trial registries

Cochrane Library also indexes clinical trials:


Other sources

Other potentially useful sources of grey literature include the websites of NHS Trusts, government and professional bodies, charitable organisations, and university research portals/depositories.

Embase indexes conference abstracts which, by some definitions, count as grey literature: