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Psychology: Searching PsycInfo

Library support for the School of Psychology

Introduction - why use PsycInfo?

PsycInfo is the main bibliographic database for Psychology, Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health. It has comprehensive coverage, containing more than 3.4 million records and including references to peer-reviewed journals, books and dissertations. Journal records make up 80% of the database, with nearly 2,500 journals covered. The database is updated weekly, ensuring current research is included. PsycInfo at Queen's University Belfast is provided through the Ovid platform: PsycInfo 1806 to present.

Along with some other databases, PsycInfo uses Subject Headings to index references. It is worth finding out how to search using Subject Headings as this will improve the accuracy of your search results. See short videos below on understanding Subject Headings and searching PsycInfo. 

Make sure you have an appropriate search strategy before you start searching the databases.


Understanding Subject Headings in PsycInfo

Searching PsycInfo using Subject Headings (Ovid video)

Combined Subject Heading and keyword search

Although the Subject Headings are very useful for finding relevant literature, they shouldn't be relied on to find all references for your research question. For a comprehensive literature review, it is recommended that you use a combination of Subject Heading and keyword searching.