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Special Collections Subject Guides: Science and Medicine

This subject guide provides an overview of the maps and atlases accessible through QUB Special Collections.

Science and Medicine

The disciplines of Science and Medicine are well represented within our holdings. With an Irish connection, this material provides a valuable research resource and underscores the considerable contribution of local academics to advances made in these fields. Below is an example of some of the material we hold in Special Collections & Archives hold pertaining to the subjects of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

Simms Medical Collection

Distinguished library of early medical works and medical history belonging to
Samuel Simms (d. 1967) of Belfast.
Once described as on
e of the most selective and extensive of collections in private hands, the Simms Medical collection is an outstanding assemblage of works concerning the practice of medicine and medical history. 
This collection can be searched via our online Library Catalogue.

Belfast General Hospital

Belfast General Hospital, a history of the General Hospital of Belfast,  also "a chronological record of interesting events, as illustrative of the progress and growing prosperity of Belfast from the earliest times". The plates from within book may be browsed on our digital pages.

MS13 Thompson Collection

Collection of scientific papers and notebooks, memoranda, lectures, correspondence etc of James Thomson (1822- 1892), Professor of Engineering at Queen’s College, Belfast, 1857-1873. Various topics are highlighted in the collection reflecting Professor Thomson’s wide range of research interests. These include such areas as fluid motion, the formation of river bars, ventilation, atmospheric circulation, the atmosphere of Jupiter and the freezing and melting of solid, liquid and gaseous states of matter, which he investigated with his Belfast colleague, Thomas Andrews (1813-85). 
MS 13 Thompson Collection listing

MS2 Andrews Collection

Chiefly a collection of scientific papers and correspondence written by, or addressed to, Thomas Andrews. Born in Belfast in 1813, Thomas Andrews was an eminent chemist and physicist of European reputation. Educated at the Belfast Academical Institution, he received his formal training at university in Glasgow, Paris and Dublin as well as in Edinburgh where he was awarded his M.D in 1835. He spent most of his career in the employ of Queen’s College Belfast where he occupied the positions of College Vice President and Professor of Chemistry from 1849-79, being notable for his work on the liquefaction of gases, which eventually led to such inventions as the domestic refrigerator, and for proving that ozone is a form of oxygen. He died in Belfast on November 26, 1885. 
MS 2 Andrews Collection listing

MS53 Megaw Collection

A collection of family papers and publications relating to several members and generations of the Megaw family. In terms of strength in the discipline of Science, notable members of the family include Major-General Sir John Megaw (1874-1958), an authority on tropical medicine, the Crystallographer Dr Helen Dick Megaw (1907-2002), and engineer T.M. Megaw (b. 1908).

Included within this collection:

Study entitled India heading for disaster: a study of the problem of overpopulation in India, by Major-General Sir John Megaw, former Director General of the Indian Medical Service (MS53/2/1)

Material, including schedules of work and several hundred photographs and negatives, relating to the construction of Craigavon Bridge, Londonderry (MS53/6,7) 

Scientific papers by Dr Helen Megaw (MS53/15)

MS 53 ​Megaw Collection listing   

Selected Titles- Medicine