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eresources : questions

How do I search for an e-book on QUB Library Catalogue?

If you are searching for an e-book on the Library Catalogue

Enter a keyword, title or author 

Search results can be restricted to e-books using the Refine by panel on the left hand side and under Format and selecting E-Book.


e-books Refine by


To access an e-book click on


 Queen's Online Resource (Queen's Staff and Students Only)


access e-book


Login with your QUB username and password off campus (from home)

*Watch the video below for a demonstration 

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How do I set up Google Scholar links off campus (from home)?

When you are working from home (off-campus), you can set up Google to identify content to which QUB has access and link through to it.  You need to do the following:

1. Click the Menu icon in Google Scholar:

2. From the settings menu click on Library Links:

3. Search for "Queen's University Belfast", [NB the search in Scholar is very precise - you need to include the apostrophe] tick the box and Save:

4. Once the Qconnect library link is activated a link will appear beside any references available in full-text to QUB.  If you follow this link you will be directed to the full-text.



How do I find QUB e-resources for my subject or research?

If you would like to see information about resources relevant to your area of study or research, please select the appropriate subject from SUBJECT GUIDES

What browser versions are best for access to e-resources?

It is recommended that you have the latest version of browsers such as



     Microsoft Edge

installed on your personal computer, laptop or device.

How do I find out about current disruptions to library services or e-resources?

Please check the following for notifications of disruption to library services or problems with specific e-resources:

Library blog

Status Of Key Services

I have other questions about e-resources...

If you have any other questions about e-resources search


How do I search for full text on QUB Article Search?

You can use Article Search for searching for full text articles. It will retrieve results from different publisher platforms to match your query.

Access via QUB Library or Article Search

If searching on QUB Library (Search & Discover box), navigate to the Article Search tab, type in keywords or article details and search.


When you are using this from home (off campus), you will see  Hello, Guest. Login for full access at the top of the page.



Login with your QUB username and password.



Once you are logged in, the yellow banner with Hello, Guest. Login for full access will disappear.

You can then follow the links in the abstracts to access full text.

Click on Check for full text availability


And the relevant link to full text e.g. Find this article in full text from Springer Nature 1997 - present



To link to full text of article



How do I report a problem with a link on Article Search?

If you are having problems linking to the full text of an article, you can use the Report a problem form to tell us about the issue.

When you click on the link to connect to full text, you will see the following menu.

If there is an issue, click on Report a problem.




This will automatically capture the citation details of the article you are trying to access. 

Fill in your details on the subsequent form, so that we can reply to you.



Your details and the citation details of the article are displayed. 



 We will endeavor to resolve the issue and reply to you as soon as possible.