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e-books: MyiLibrary

My iLibrary e-books

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provides access to e-books from different publishers and covers a wide range of subjects.

Reading online on MyiLibrary

Computers on campus

If you are using a computer on campus or in a shared working environment you should select the read online option.

If you are reading a MyiLibrary e-book on computers on campus, you do not need to download any additional software, just click on Open Now >>



Personal devices or computers

If you are accessing from your personal device or computer you should ensure that JavaScript is enabled within your browser. If you can view Google Maps' Street View in your browser, than your browser has JavaScript enabled. 

You also need to have cookies enabled.

Amazon Kindle can be used to read MyiLibrary e-books via a 3rd party app. The original Kindle cannot be used to read MyiLibrary e-books.

Printing and copying from MyiLibrary

You may print chapters, sections or pages within the copyright restrictions of the title.

Depending on the publisher, My iLibrary allow between 5% - 10% of a title to be copied and printed.

To print use the print icon     on the top right hand side 

A Print Page Range box will display, explaining your print permissions for that particular title.


You can copy and paste text from a page using the notes facility and your keyboard shortcuts.

What software do I need for downloading from MyiLibrary on my personal device or computer?

**​If you are using a computer on campus or in a shared working environment you should select the option to 'Read Online'

To download onto a personal device use the download icon    on the top right hand side of the page.

A Download Page Range box will display, explaining your download permissions for that particular title.



If you are using

a personal computer or laptop

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Android (Phone, Tablet)

When I access an e-book from MyiLibrary I get the message "This book is currently being viewed by another patron..."?

MyiLibrary generally limit the number of concurrent users for their e-books, typically to one user or three concurrent users.

If you see the following message:

“This book is currently being viewed by another patron. It will become available when the patron has finished viewing the selected book.”


You will need to try again later.

To access the e-book when available, you must close the page and re-open the book. Refreshing the page will not open the title.