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e-books: Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central 


Ebook Central

Reading e-books on ProQuest Ebook Central

Computers on campus

‚ÄčIf you are using a computer on campus or in a shared working environment you should select the option to 'Read Online'

If you are reading an Ebook Central e-book on computers on campus, you do not need to download any additional software, just click on 'Read Online' and the book will open in a reader view.

If you are accessing from your personal device or computer you should ensure that JavaScript is enabled within your browser.

If you are using iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android (Phone, Tablet) you will also need a free Adobe ID to read this book.

Printing and copying from Ebook Central

The print and copy limits on Ebook Central e-book are displayed when you access the content of the e-book.

If you click on the book icon on the left hand panel it will display copy and print allowances for that particular title.


Click on the Copy icon and click on text to be copied.



Press Control-C to copy



Click on the print icon on the top navigation toolbar.


The print allowance will display.

What software do I need to download an Ebook Central e-book on my personal device or computer?

If you are using a computer on campus or in a shared working environment you should select the option to 'Read Online'

The amount available for download will vary according to each individual e-book and not all Ebook Central e-books will be available for download.

The amount available for download will be displayed on the e-book landing page.

Some e-books will be available as Full Download or Chapter Download


You will then be directed to the Queen's University Belfast login page.


You should login with your QUB username and password.



Click on Chapter Download or Full Download 

A text window will open to ask What device you are using?

ebrary what device


When you click Continue it will prompt you to install various software depending on the device you are using.

If you are using 

a personal computer or laptop

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Android (Phone, Tablet)



Select your Download Period and click on Download Your Book