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Ebooks: Ebooks


Queen's University Belfast Library has purchased ebooks from a variety of suppliers.  They are catalogued individually and each catalogue record provides a link to the relevant full text source. This guide provides details of how to access ebooks on a range of different platforms. 

How can I find e-books using the Library Catalogue?


Use Library Search to find individual titles available as ebooks.

You can search for these by entering a keyword, title or author.  Search results can be restricted to ebooks by selecting Available online in Availability panel and scroll down and select Books in Resource Type on the left hand side.


To access an e-book click on Available Online and click on the links in View Online

Reading or downloading on campus?


**If you are using a computer on campus or on a shared workspace you should not select the option to download e-books.

**You should select the 'Read Online' option.

**You can download e-books to personal devices or computers. (You may need additional software, see the relevant tab for details.)

** Download period for e-books is usually 1 day.

What software do I need to read or download ebooks on my device?

To read or download most ebooks you will need Adobe Digital Editions on your device.

If an ebook is available to download, it will usually be for a 1 day only. 

Some ebooks will be available as Full Download or Chapter Download

If you are using Adobe Digital Editions on your own device for the first time, you need to authorize Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID or a Vendor ID

If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can create a unique Adobe ID and password by clicking on Create an account at Create Adobe ID

If you forgot your Adobe ID password, go to Reset forgotten password


Still having problems accessing ebooks?

If you are experiencing a problem which is preventing you from accessing an e-book please provide:

  • details of how you tried to access the e-book (QUB Library Catalogue, QUB LibGuides, database, Google etc.)
  • details of the ebook you are trying to access
  • whether you are on campus or off campus
  • what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge) you are using 
  • what operating system (Windows 10, Mac OS X etc.) you are using 
  • what device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone) you are using
  • and a print screen of the error page (Alt + PrtScr) in an email to