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Ebooks: Ovid

Ovid ebooks

Ovid e-books provides access to Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental Health e-books.

Reading Ovid ebooks

Computers on campus

If you are using a computer on campus or in a shared working environment you should read online.

Ovid works best on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

No additional software is required, just click on the e-book and the e-book will open. Choose the section you want to view from the Table of Contents on the left side. 

Ovid interface


Personal devices or computers

​If you are using a personal device or computer you do not need any additional software.

However Ovid works best on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Copying and printing Ovid e-books

Book chapters may be saved by choosing Save on the right.

Ovid Save

You may save as either unformatted ASCII text, or formatted HTML. Select required format and click Continue >>


Ovid Save format

Saving files as ASCII Text means that they are downloaded as text documents on your device, which can be opened using Microsoft Word.


Book chapters can be printed by choosing Print Preview on the right, above the chapter title, this will print the entire chapter. 

Ovid print preview


You will then be asked to Select a Graphic Size... 
Choose an option
 and click on Continue >> 


Ovid print select

Selecting the Print icon  next to each section heading will print individual sections.

What software do I need to download an Ovid e-book on my personal device or computer?

If the ebook is available for download, you can download (save) chapters (text, html) onto your personal computer as

a text document (Save - > ASCII Text - > Continue


HTML file (Save - > HTML - > Continue - > Save File)

The download period is 1 day.

However you cannot download e-books onto an iOS or Android mobile device.You can only read the books online.