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e-books: Safari


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provides access to e-books on information technology from a range of publishers.

Reading online on Safari

Computers on campus

Click on Start Reading to open Safari e-book

Safari Books Online interface

Disregard the Buy from Publisher option, the library already has access. 

Personal devices or computers

Safari Books Online supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

Safari Books Online has a mobile version, please use Safari mobile to read on your phone or device.

Printing from Safari Books Online

Print from a Safari e-book by clicking on the print icon    in either the top left corner or bottom left corner.

Safari Books Online interface


You can print single pages at a time.

Can I download from Safari to a personal device or computer?

**‚ÄčIf you are using a Safari e-book on campus or off campus you will be only able to select the option to 'Start Reading'

You cannot download Safari e-books. Offline reading is limited to individual subscribers and is not available for library subscriptions. 

Safari Books Online has a mobile version, please point your phones and devices to Safari mobile.