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Associate Membership Scheme: Current prices and application forms

Associate Personal Membership - Annual fees (including VAT)

QUB graduate                           £69

Recent QUB Graduates            £54   

All other personal applicants   £120

All QUB Graduates must include Year Graduated and Subject Studied on their Online Application Form to avail of the appropriate rate.  The recent QUB Graduates rate applies to those who have completed their degree course and graduated from QUB within the last 6 months of applying.

Applicants should complete the online application form when they wish to take up membership of the Library.  You will then be contacted by the Associate Membership with instructions on how to pay for and complete your membership. 

To apply for membership please read the How To Apply section under the Membership categories tab.  

Associate Corporate Membership - Annual fees

Corporate rate      £175.00 +  £35.00 VAT     £210

Charity rate             £87.50 + £17.50 VAT     £105

The charity rate is available to registered charities and the charity registration number must be quoted on the application form. 

Additional corporate or charity cards can be purchased at a reduced rate, currently £36 (£30 + VAT), each card must be registered against an individual authorised by the business.

For further details, contact the Associate Membership Office:

Applicants should complete the online application form and await further instruction on how to complete their membership. 

For details on how to apply, please refer to the How to Apply section under the Membership categories tab above.  

Library Policies and Procedures Guidelines: these apply to all Associate Members; members of staff; students of the University; visitors and contractors and must be read before computer resources are used.

Library Policies and Regulations

All library members must comply with the Library Policies and Regulations as well as the Acceptable Use Guidance for Computer Resources and all Data and Information Security Policies.