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Associate Membership Scheme: Membership categories


The online application form for new members can be found on the Associate Membership page of the Library website.

Please read the details on this page to help you decide which category of associate membership you should apply for.  You may find further information by using the Library Help facility.  All associate memberships run for one year from the date of joining on a renewable 12 month subscription basis.  It is not possible to join for a shorter period of time. 

If you have any queries, please email the Associate Membership Office at:

Associate Personal Membership


Those wishing to use the Library for educational purposes and need access to material unavailable elsewhere may join as a personal associate member for an annual fee.  The applicant must reside in Northern Ireland as books may have to be returned within a matter of days, upon request.

Applicants should be at least 18 years old.

There are 3 categories of personal associate:

  • QUB graduate – someone who has completed an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree at Queen’s University Belfast.

  • Recent QUB graduate (completed degree course and graduated from QUB within the last 6 months).

  • All other personal associates


You can find the link to the application form on our website here

Once your submitted form has been processed by the Associate Membership Office, you will receive an email notification from the associate  membership office within 5 days.  This email will give you details of the membership fee applicable and a link to the secure WorldPay online payment facility.  Once payment is received, you will receive a further notification advising you when your card will be ready to collect from The McClay Library. 

Please note:  In order to collect your card, you will have to present current photographic ID and proof of address (up to 6 months old) at The McClay Library.  See below for further details of acceptable forms of ID.  

Please email any queries you might have to the Associate Membership Office at:

Associate Corporate and Associate Charity Membership


An individual, company or business who wish to use the Library in connection with their profession or business should join as an Associate Corporate member.  A registered charity can join as an Associate Charity member at a reduced rate, their registered charity number must be included on the application form.  The applicant must reside in Northern Ireland.   A renewable annual subscription is applicable to all associate memberships and is payable in advance.

The library card must be issued to a named individual in the company and only this person can use the login details received with the card. Other authorised members of the organisation's staff may use the library card to visit the library and borrow books.

Associate Membership does not include off-campus access to electronic resources. There is limited Library access to electronic resources. This access is defined by the licences negotiated with the providers and does not include the use of Library electronic resources for commercial purposes.

There are 2 categories - Associate Corporate or Associate Charity:

  • Associate Corporate -  relates to an Individual, company or business
  • Associate Charity - corporate membership available at a reduced price to charitable organisations providing their Charity Registration number.


You can find the link to the online application form on our website here.  Choose the Corporate option and include the name of the individual who is being authorised to take out the membership.  You will then receive instructions from the associate membership office, within 5 days, on how to complete the membership procedure. 

Please email any queries you might have to the Associate Membership Office at:

Acceptable forms of Photographic ID and Proof of Address


Please note that a current Northern Ireland driving licence can be used for both photographic ID and proof of address

Examples of photographic ID - one of the following: Examples of proof of address - one of the following:
Current NI/UK driving licence Current full NI/UK driving licence
Current signed passport  Recent utilities bill (up to to 6 mths old)
Current work ID Bank/Credit card statement (up to 6 mths old)
Electoral ID Card Lease or Rental Agreement with your name clearly shown