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Associate Membership Scheme: Online Payment Instructions

Registering for Online Payment

Associate Members should use their debit or credit card to pay for their membership, through the secure QUB WorldPay online payment facility.   Once you have submitted your Online Membership Application form, you will receive an email from the Associate Membership Office providing you with a link to the online payment facility.  


Open the online payment link you received by email from the Associate Membership Office.  If you are using this facility for the first time, please click ‘create an account’ on the first page and follow the on screen instructions to complete your registration, select the relevant membership category and make your payment. You will only have to complete all of these details the first time you use this facility.

If you have previously set up an account on the QUB online payment facility, e.g. while studying at QUB, please click ‘log yourself in’ on the first page and follow the on screen instructions to select the relevant membership category and make your payment.

Choose New Members option under the Categories section, on the left-hand side of the screen, to give you the payment amount options.



NB: Cash payments can no longer be accepted/processed in the library.   

Renewing members can pay by debit/credit card online.  You will receive a link to the online payment facility in the renewal email from the associate membership office.  Please note that the online payment facility is not directly linked to your library membership, therefore your library card login details will not work on the payment site.

Open the QUB Online Payment Facility link which you received in your renewal email and under the Categories section on the left of the page, click on Returning Members.  Choose the relevant membership category and follow the on screen instructions to either login or complete your registration (see above), and then complete your payment.  If you have deleted the renewal email, contact the associate membership office at: to receive the online payment link again.

If you need help on creating a new Online Payment Account or on Signing In to your existing payment account,  you can download the relevant PDF Guide below.