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eresources : access

How do I access QUB e-resources?

QUB library users are encouraged to use the Library homepage as a starting point.

Searching for e-resources is concentrated around the central search box


Use QCat Library Catalogue tab to search for print books, e-books, print journals, e-journals and online databases e.g. JSTOR, Lexis, Scopus, Web of Knowledge etc.



Use Article Search tab to search for articles


You can also use E-Journals A-Z link if you want to search for e-journal titles



You can also use Databases A-Z link if you want to search for online databases




Please contact your Subject Librarian if you need further information on locating resources suitable for your study and research.

What login do I use to access QUB e-resources?

You use the same username and password you use to access your QUB email account and Queen's Online.

Who can access QUB eresources?

Due to licence restrictions imposed by publishers, only

  • current students at Queen's University Belfast
  • current staff at Queen's University Belfast
  • Honorary members of staff

can access QUB e-resources for academic purposes only.


Library Help‌‌

Search for resources

If you are unable to access the QUB Library website you can use the below to search for resources


QCat Classic



QCat Library Catalogue




QCat Article Search



E-journals A-Z




How do I find which e-resources QUB has access to?

QUB library users are encouraged to use the Library homepage to locate resources suitable for their study and research.

If you would like to see information about resources relevant to your area of study please select the appropriate subject from LIBGUIDES INFORMATION ABOUT LIBRARY RESOURCES BY SUBJECT

LIBGUIDES brings together key Library resources by subject, and contact details for your dedicated Subject Librarian.

How do I find out about current disruptions to library services or e-resources?

Please check the following for notifications of disruption to library services or problems with specific e-resources:

Library Blog


Where can QUB e-resources be accessed from?

You can access QUB e-resources both

On campus at QUB

Off campus

What browser versions are best for access to e-resources?

It is recommended that you have the latest version of

Internet Explorere logo   Internet Explorer



installed on your personal computer, laptop or device to access e-resources.

Still can't get access to library e-Resources ?

If you know how to access but you are experiencing a problem which is preventing you from accessing a resource please provide:

  • step-by-step details of how you tried to access the resource (QUB Library Catalogue, E-Journals A-Z, QUB LibGuides, database etc.)
  • details of what you are trying to access, including search terms 
  • whether you are on campus or off campus
  • what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) you are using 
  • operating system (Windows 7, Mac OS X etc.) you are using
  • and a print screen of the error page (Alt + PrtScr)

in an email to